The artist

Stéphane Lehembre,  abstract painter


It is a special artist that we invite you to discover through his works so long remained buried in his imagination.

Today, thanks to his abstract paintings where the bright colors burst on the canvas with passion and fervor, this man has managed to overcome his constraints.

His 2-year stint at Met’s Penninghen workshop (1967 to 1969) allowed him to learn basic techniques (graphic arts), to reveal himself and to open up to a universe different from the one he had intended.

Now, having freed himself from self-censorship, he expresses himself fully and what he reveals gives us access to emotion, if we know how to watch his production without judgment.

His large paintings in bright colors (tawny red, azure blue, dazzling yellow …) and rotating movements that revisit the freedom of abstraction provide him well-being and balance. It is his love of life, his youth of spirit that he offers us.

Stéphane Lehembre proposes us, the time of a visit, to forget our reason and to let ourselves be guided by the emotions running through his universe.


Portrait photograph by Jacques Huissoud